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Underwriting & Paid Sponsorships

Join Us and Our 30,000 Friends with Benefits!

Thank you for your interest in providing business support for WORT! There are several ways you and your business can contribute to WORT:

Underwriting at WORT

If you’d like to promote your business or event and financially support WORT Community Radio at the same time, you may want to consider our paid underwriting options. WORT has underwriting packages for all budgets that will meet your needs and target the specific communities you want to reach.

Download our Business Underwriting brochure for more information. Contact Doug Holtz at (608) 256-2001 or with questions or to begin an underwriting agreement.

Many of the goods and services WORT relies on for our operations are actually donated by businesses. In exchange for these in-kind donations, we promote these businesses through WORT channels. To find out what our current needs are and/or to offer goods or services, contact Doug Holtz at (608) 256-2001 or

Sponsor a WORT event!

WORT puts on several events each year, the famous WORT Block Party each May, a stage at the Willy Street Fair in September, a birthday party every December, and several others throughout the year. We’re always looking for businesses to help sponsor these events.

If you’re interested in sponsoring one or more events over the course of the year, contact Doug Holtz at (608) 256-2001 or

Donate goods or services for WORT

Pledge Drives

Each year, WORT holds two pledge drives, running two weeks apiece. During these drives, we like to keep our hard-working volunteers well-fed. If your restaurant or caterer would like to donate food to the next WORT pledge drive, contact Doug Holtz at (608) 256-2001 or

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