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An unpredictable collage of Popular and Unpopular music from the last 60 years, by someone who has been spinning the platters that matter on WORT for over 30 years. Focusing on the cool and crazy sounds not found on just any old (or new) radio program. If they influenced the Rock-and-Roll excitement throughout the 60's and the Punk Explosion of the 70's, or were influenced by those bygone days, the chances are good that you'll hear them here. Did I mention that the latest releases are mixed in and around all these "Old" songs? Plenty of unannounced special programs on specific artists, sub-genres, or themes-- plus the Annual Best Songs of the Year show on the third Friday in January!
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Israeli Attacks on Gaza

07/18/14 1:41 PM | A Public Affair
White Phosphorus above Gaza

Attacks continue on Gaza, but what is it about Gaza that causes Israel to want to enforce the status quo of turmoil? How could this conflict end and what will be the repercussions of these attacks? Learn more on this powerful edition of APA!

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Savoyards’ “Princess Ida” to rule the air Thursday morning

07/22/14 8:05 PM | Sybil Augustine

Savoyards musical director Grant Harville joins Rich Samuels on “Anything Goes” this Thursday, July 24th from 5-8 am to preview this year’s production of Gilbert & Sullivan’s “Princess Ida”.

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Proposed New Dane County Jail

07/16/14 2:36 PM | A Public Affair
dane county jail

Do you know about the proposed new Dane County Jail that is in the works for our county? Do you that it is estimated to cost Wisconsin tax payers between $120- 145 million? Check out this round table edition of A Public Affair with local authorities discussing this topic!

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WORT Welcomes New Web Director

07/18/14 2:57 PM | Molly Stentz
Tim Schneider

WORT welcomes Tim Schneider as our new Web Director.

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